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How to convert image to 3d model using solidworks.

By H.U.Manupriya on 13 May 06:35 6 answers 2 comments

In this video "" convert image to 3D model(0.30 to 1. 13 seconds in video time). How to done it.

6 answers

  • Lukasz Siwiec
    Lukasz Siwiec over 4 years ago

    Open a sketch on the plane, insert "Sketch picture". Then you must scale your pictrure and add new picture on the another plane.
    If you have this, Now you have to use a line or spline to trace the outline. This is the same method used to create the car body.

  • Mourad Mouelhi
    Mourad Mouelhi about 2 years ago

    What about the same question in CATIA V5...what is the method?

  • Wojciech S.
    Wojciech S. about 2 years ago

    I think, you can't "convert" direct to have fully "converted" image. You can use your picture as the base to modeling it what Lukasz Siwiec said. J.J. has half - method.

  • Hiral Patel
    Hiral Patel over 1 year ago

    In CATIA V5, you can not convert directly like SolidWorks.

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