how to convert solidworks part to point cloud data set?

i want to convert solidworks file to point cloud data set.
at first i googled it and i found someone who said saving in IGES file and renaming the file to .txt is the solution. but i couldn't save my file in IGES format because an error appeared while saving.
I repeated saving in IGES format for a simple part and i succeeded.and changed file format to .txt.
but when i imported that point cloud data to solidworks it didn't look like the simple cylinder at all.
my question is : what is the best way to convert a solidworks part to point cloud data?
and if it's not possible to do it with solidworks ; would converting solidworks file to another software format (forexample maya) and then making the point cloud out of it solve the problem?

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I have not exported point cloud data from SW myself but I have once exported from FreeCAD. Maybe you can give it a try.

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To create a point cloud from a SolidWorks file, first remove any unnecessary solid bodies or surfaces.

Then save as an IGES file. Change the extension of this file to .txt which can then be opened in Excel.

Open the SolidWorks file and select a point for its coordinates, this can then be searched in the excel file using CTRL+F. This should take you to one cell which will be surrounded by values and 3 columns you X,Y,Z coordinates for your point cloud.

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