How to create multiple parts from a single part in Solidworks 2012?

How to get separate part files from a single part created with different methods, combined structural members, base/boss extrusions, revolved boss bodies?

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maybe you should split them and insert them individually in the assembly. Also while splitting you can save them and form an assembly. In school we have been taught this way. But I have done it in Solidworks 2011

Answered with a tutorial:

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Thank you. I will try with my file. I need to build a special rear stay (fork) and I started off the wrong way, instead of starting with an empty assembly and layout, I built a part. Need to get multiple parts or start from scratch. I think it will work because the sections I need to be separate parts were created as separate features from separate sketches without merging. Thank you once again. I would never look at "insert", I was searching in "tools" :)

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