How to Creat Large Patterns using Inventor 2012?

I'm trying to make a large perforated pattern for a television speaker area. It consists of almost 13,000 very small holes. Inventor freezes when I array the pattern. Is there an easier way of creating this type of pattern?

I attached a photo of the TV I'm modeling, I'm referring to the small hole pattern on the bottom of the television where the speakers are located.

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You might be able to achieve the look by using a material with hole like expanded metal. Just a thought.

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I would suggest to split the whole pattern in sections it works better but it's a bit annoying to manipulate it...

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Hi Cullen there is no easy way it is down to IV and the resourses the software will use from your computer. You will always get a problem with this kind of comand... 3 options, bare with it with your comp, buy a super comp, ask someone on GrabCAD that does have a super comp if there could do it for you.

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I've come to the same conclusion. I tried splitting the pattern into smaller sections, and it worked it just takes a lot of time. I'll try making a pattern that looks similar, otherwise I'll just skip it until I have 20K to drop on a supercomputer. Is there another program that can handle this type of command other than AutoCAD? Will solidworks handle this better?


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There maybe some software that is somewhat better than others, but bottom line 13000holes creates a lot of geometry. Try making a sheet metal part that is say 24in square. Make the part metal and apply an expanded metal surface to it. It is a very believable look with out the geometry.
With some research the correct look should be achievable.

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If anyone would like to take a look Here is the model in which I need the perforation, If you need a different format please ask.

Diameter of each circle is .05", and about .1" apart from one another from center point to center point.

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I was able to apply a material to the model in Keyshot that looks really similar. Here is a render of the pattern. Thanks for the suggestions

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I wish Autodesk would do something about this issue, because its a major barrier for my process. I drew this wall with 4500+ holes and it took forever for inventor to figure out the geometry. Every small correction took about 5 minutes to recalculate. The most frustrating part is that my computer was only running about 15% in processing power and i also had lots of ram left. Inventor should at least use the power available.

Here's my wall:

Anyways, i'm happy that keyshot could help you out.
- Morten

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