How to create a part, which should be mitered to the connecting surface

Hi, I need to create a L Angle Plate which has to be welded to the two clamps as shown in the image. I would like to know how the L Angle Plate can be trimmed to the two clamp surfaces, based on assembly location of the two clamps.

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Sorry my friend you can not do this in part. You have to use assembly feature of Inventor for this.

Actually there is way but i don't know will it work or not.

Provide more detail.

Good Luck

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Hi, Thanks for your reply. I found out the way.
1) Created Plane by using option "Tangent to the surface and parallel to the plane"
2) Created "Point" by selecting plane and perpendicual - axis
3) Used 3d Sketch to draw line between two component
4) Created Frame using Frame Generator
5) Extended the Frame Created and Trimmed to the surface by using option available in the Frame
6) And finally used normal sketch & extrude option in assembly to remove protruding elements. and made my day go......

if u feel some other option to do ping me.........

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