which software should i learn?

hi guys, i have knowlege of autocad 2d-3d and little bit of creo elements.

now i want to start new software for designing then which is easier for learing?

creo elements or solid works or any other?

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what do you want to design? if machine design you may try Autodesk inventor .it is very easy to lern. if you want to work with surfaces so try catia or rhinoceros

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The better question is what you will need in your design work - what are your field of interest and your companies goals.And last but not least what is the budget for software. As learning , you will see when you try to model in any other software that when you grasp the concept of parametric modeling, there is really no difference what type of software you use , you will do your job in any one of them - in some slower as you don't know shortcuts and menus by hart but you will do the job just the same.
For learning , maybe the Solidworks would be better as there is a LOT of free tutorials,videos , guides and forum posts in the "internetversum" so you could self pace you study efforts easer then with Creo

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One suggestion would be to start to have experience with Auto CAD 3D.
You find many difficulties in modeling because it is very artisanal its modeling.
This will help you create a lot of maturity.
Next would be an average Software Solid Works and Inventor.
Come a time that you even had missed something more al then go to the NX and Creo after.
Hope this helps.
Professor Cleiton Rogério de Abreu
Brazilian with Pride.

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