which software should i learn?

hi guys, i have knowlege of autocad 2d-3d and little bit of creo elements.

now i want to start new software for designing then which is easier for learing?

creo elements or solid works or any other?

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we discuss about such topic. learn what need for your job

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One suggestion would be to start to have experience with Auto CAD 3D.
You find many difficulties in modeling because it is very artisanal its modeling.
This will help you create a lot of maturity.
Next would be an average Software Solid Works and Inventor.
Come a time that you even had missed something more al then go to the NX and Creo after.
Hope this helps.
Professor Cleiton Rogério de Abreu
Brazilian with Pride.

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Most of the industry are migrating form Catia to NX but most of the supplier are using Catia and NX both like Borgwarner, Johnson Controls, Mind Industry, JBM etc
1. ChryslerAutomotive-NX
2. Mercedes-NX
3.Maruti Suzuki-NX
4.Renault Nissan- Catia and UG both
5. General Motors-NX
6. Piaggio-NX
7.Ashok Leyland-Pro/E
8. Boeing is going to migrate from Catia to UG
9. Ford-Catia
11. Rolls Royce- Pro/E
etc. but I will recommend first you should learn NX then after you should learn Catia

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