How to create a Tunnel Gage FASTER !!

The challenge was to find a way to do a contour tube Gage FASTER.

This goes to a friend, who continues to believe that only parametric can solve all the design problems. WRONG!!

I challenge you to do it more quickly with the program you are using.
Without macros or routines, (if I use them, instead of 5 minutes it would take me 1 minute JA! 8)

Watch the link below.


NO Parametric.
NO History Tree.
NO Constrains.
NO MATTER WHO DID IT !! or when, or where, OR HOW WAS MADE!!...

Just Plug, Play and Feel the Freedom.
Modify is funny! but Create with KEYCREATOR is more pleasant.

The First 3D-DIRECT CAD software in market.
Fast, Versatile and PROVEN!!

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I finish it. I hope I made it as you like it.
Tunnel gage

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