How to create extruded hole in Inventor

Long time Solidworks user short term Inventor user. I have a sheet metal part that gets a pre-punched hole and then is ran through a die to flange the hole. I am unsure on how to show the extrusion of the flange. I would imagine I would cut the pre-punch hole and then create a revolved extrusion along the holes axis, but I am unsure on how to get my planes like I want. Inventor is close to Solidworks, but I keep looking for things it doesn't have.

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like a lightening hole in aircraft spar? you are correct in your methodology.

to get the workplane:
1. create a centerline in the center of the cutout.
2. create workplane by selecting the centerline and then one of the origin workplanes = 90° default (doesn't really matter)
3. select work plane > new sketch
4. project cut edges and draw the new profile
5. then revolve.

just remember this won't unfold in the flat pattern. the sheetmetal flat pattern will only develop bent plates - not press formed sheetmetal.

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