In SolidWorks, how do I have a single sketch/shape define multiple pockets on different faces?

I have a sketch that defines a simple pocket outline. I want the same shape (sketch) to be used on pockets on different faces of a part, so that if I edit the shape, all other instances of the pocket change.

Is there a clean/easy way to do this? (The other instances are not necessarily mirror-able, BTW).

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I believe you want to use "Derived Sketch".
to do this either look it up in help or try this
1.highlight the base sketch
2. Hit and hold Ctrl, then select the face or plane you want a derived sketch on.
3. while holding Ctrl, go up to Insert then about mid way down you will see Derived sketch. click that.
4. there you go. now you cannot modify this but you can move it as a whole and locate it with dims.

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