How to create surfaces from points (3d scanner)

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I try to calculate a volume of a room scanned with a 3d scanner from FARO. When i load the scan in ''scene'' (the program from FARO where i can look thrue the scan), i can mark scan points on each surface of the room. when i save the points i want to open them in solidworks and create 6 surfaces (to measure the volume of the room). each point has a x.y.z. reference so i think this has to be possible, right?
The file i attached is a file where i save the points to a IGES file.

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I can suggest to use Tomorama (a plug-in software to SolidWorks) witch is able to integrate sections and plans from billions of 3D points directly into the FeatureManager Design Tree of SolidWorks.
It's working today with the most popular software in points clouds and 3D laser processing : Faro SCENE and PointCab and give tu users gain time by importing multiple HD ortho-images positioned in space and correct scale.

Website link :
YouTube link :
Link to the Solidworks store of Tomorama :
Link to the Faro store of Tomorama :

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