Is there any device or design or something similar of a cutter for soft string (like gittar string but softer) that cut it in 1 cm pieces?

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There are many devices designed for cutting of wire and similar. What is your application?

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Assume that we have a soft string (its material is Bronze) and the primary length of it is 40 cm. I need to cut it to pieces of 1 cm length.

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Some shears and a tape measure would work great.

Unless you had more details to provide, like Robert had asked.

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shears and a steel ruler (a nice upgrade to the tape measure mentioned by ML)

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This one does it automatically, works with softer wire, and programmable down to 1mm lengths. Not sure if it works with solid wire though, but there's probably similar machines available that do.

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If you are looking for the mechanism for cutting the wire please see below.
I have posted 3 videos showing different ways to accomplish the cutting action.

It will most likely NOT work for your 1cm lengths but could help provide ideas as to how it could be accomplished.

3 examples:

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