How to drive a profile pipe with sketch in Fusion 360?

Hello everyone.

Recently i've been working with Fusion 360. This enviroment is new for me. It seems that's a interesting software.

I was trying to route a hose for a robot, but i don't have idea how to drive the hose between two components (with bodies is possible, but it isn't convenient). First, i make a sketch and i'm using the pipe tool (with bodies) (i was made an example file to learn how to before i make the robot assembly, obviously, the robot moves around).

There's three "bodies", the original, the other cylinder, and the hose. When you're trying to move respect each other you have to change the distance from the origin, and the undefined route is changing with him (that's the point).

But when i was trying with "components", the sketch wasn't change, it's "frezzed". For example, in Solidworks you can drive a sketch respect to the assembly (example: manipulate a pulley belt between two pulleys).

I'm searching for a video with an example of this, but only seen hoses made with sweep and pipe tools, but not drived between two o more components.

Sorry in advance for the long explanation and the writting english. If you have an idea or advice that help me with this issue i really appreciated it!