How to edit CATIA file format in Autodesk Inventor 2013 or Fushion?

I have get CAT file from my customer and need to use the part for lower die and upper forming punch block..Please help me solve the problem..

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2 Answers

You can try to follow the same basic idea that I outline in my answer to your other question.

There are some free ONLINE courses for Fusion at

Fusion would probably be the best solution you could create a part for each station in the progressive die.

Good luck!

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Hi Faisal I am not to sure you can edit the Catia part in IV as it will still come in as a 3rd party part.... Hmmmmm
Hahaha thank you for this question as it has now giving me a little bit of education I did not know about after I had to do a little bit of reading up there.

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