How to export a 3 or more bodies VRML file from Magics (v23.0 or more) in GCP 1.36 ?

Hi everyone,

I would like to export from Materialise Magics a VRML which, when opened in GCP 1.36 with the new feature "show assembly structure" and advanced slicer, appears with all the different bodies such as:

- a VRML body
- a body in Black
- a body in White
- a body in WK006
- …

My first attempt is using the tool fusion that create a VRML file "merge_of…", but GrabCAD will import a body for VRML and a body with all others fusionned, so no choice for white, black, WK006,...

Do you have a solution that import a VRML file from Magics with the same structure of bodies ?

Thank you a lot for your help,