How to get thicken feature to work on a complex surface or some other way to make this surface into a solid in SolidWorks 2011?

This is my first project using surfacing, I am new to the cad world so please don't be to harsh with my modeling haha...
I need to thicken this part to the outside by .040 in, but I cant get the thicken feature to work or offset surface. What am I doing wrong???

Thanks in advance for any help...

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3 Answers

For the thicken feature to work, the curvature of your surface has to be consistent enough that the feature will work.

The thicken is failing at the first boundary surface.

Answered with a tutorial:

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thicken feature not working because of the complex shape or sharp edge. one of the disadvantage of using surface is that thicken feature for complex shape not works.

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Thank you guys for your input this is for a school project and time is running out ... is there anyway i can still make this into a solid without changing the geometry?

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