How to trace a picture or image in catia and converting it into surface or solid

Look down for the tutorial

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There is a nice and easy software on the market for just this purpose.
It is not infallible but can solve most of your Pdf to 2D convertions.

Aide Pdf to DXF Converter

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but... in catia v6 how to do same work plz tell me

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Instead of doing this many steps. i have simply solution for that.
Step-1:Just insert image to drawing
Step -2: draw over the image using splines or other commands.
Step-3: just copy the whatever you drawn in drawing workbench
step-4: paste into partdesign work bench in sketcher mode.
step-5:then simply pad it. i will get the shape.

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Install Inkscape, it's freeware and easy to create DXF files. Open the image up in Inkscape, then select it in Inkscape. Then, go to Path -> trace bitmap, then select edge smoothing or something like that. Click ok then go close the window. Drag the original image away and then delete it. The remaining image should be an outline. Save the final product as a DXF file and then open it up in your CAD program.

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