How to import 3D PointCloud data to SolidWorks without making the software crash?

I tried to import a small 3D scan -point cloud- data from a friend, just to test SolidWorks' skills on Point cloud, but I couldn't even manage to open any file properly.
I read SolidWorks' documentation, and tried and tried again, but got nothing.
We tried several point cloud formats and again got nothing?
In the documentation, it is showing highly detailed cloud data being converted into 3d solid geometry, however, we couldn't even achieved it with tiny piece of data.

Is there a special procedure to follow.
And got suspicious about Solidworks skills on the issue.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Dave,
Of course it was Premium version of SolidWorks. But whatever we tried to make SolidWorks kept crashing!
On the other hand, I didn't know that software ( meshlab). Thanks for the advise.

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Based on our experience, SolidWorks has a hard time with large scan data. You will have no problem if the data is first reverse engineered into a CAD model using Rapidform XOR. Check out the reverse engineering video on this page:

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Do you run the premium with scan to 3d?... NO?... then download the free "meshlab" software to transfer file formats and clean up scan data prior to solidworks. Good luck.

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Hi Cliff,
Thank you for the step by step advise. I will try it again.
My friend gave me tiny piece of a very big model, may be it exceeded the SW volume restriction as you said, may it was the problem.
If I have the chance to test it again, I will let you know about it.

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can i use .stl file for the same.
if not then how do i convert it t point cloud file or .ibl
basically I have .stl file taken from laser scanning so want it be converted to solid model in solidworks13 so I can assemble it.
Plz reply ASAP.

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Solidworks on its own can be pretty clunky to work productively with scan data, we had similar problems.

We've been using the XTract3D plugin to do reverse engineering in solidworks from 3D scans.

There are lots of features for building your model around the scan data, but I also noticed the plugin handles IMPORT of very dense scan data, and display of dense scan data more robustly.

Here's a video from their site showing the reverse engineering workflow to see if this would work for you:

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