How to import a CATIA part file in ANSYS 13.0?

I am facing difficulty in importing a CATIA solid part file from in ANSYS . Moreover CATIA file *.par cannot be converted to parasolid format which ANSYS can accept.

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1.Create model in catia
2.Tools-->Options-->General-->Compatibility-->IGES-->Representation Mode-->Activate Sold-Shell instead of Surface or B-Spline
3.Save as .igs
4.Bang on Boy



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Try to exported as a IGS, had worked for me

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better do it through solidworks solidworks has wide range of accepts catpart...and u can export it to ansys

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Save file as IGFS and import in Ansys.....

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IGS format can only be used for suface models ..wat about solid part.?

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save catia file in IGS format and open that file in Pro-e save again in IGS format and select as solid then import in to ANSYS

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Good afternoon,

If ANSYS is installed on the same computer with Catia, than the import is through 1 click. If not, I recomand to export first as parasolid your model, and second as iges.

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