How to import catia modell to ANSYS APDL

i just did a modell in catiav5r17 now what i have do to import in apdl

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Good morning,

This import not work properly every time. Depends very much on the version of ANSYS which you use, and version of Catia in which you made model.
I propose to you other modality of export if you have to your disposition ANSYS Design Modeller (started with version 12.0 of ANSYS is called Geometry this module - see in left panel after you will opened the WB module). Export from Catia your model using different type of export (iges, parasolid, step, etc). If you will export direct from Catia to WB, you must to have installed on your computer first Catia and after that ANSYS (to work this conversion). After you will import new format geometry in WB, you can exported without any modification using parasolid format. For me works very well in condition in which I study constant geometries with many holes, small surfaces (for example cavities from blowing press).

For other question, I am to your disposition.

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1.Create model in catia
2.Tools-->Options-->General-->Compatibility-->IGES-->Representation Mode-->Activate Sold-Shell instead of Surface or B-Spline
3.Save as .igs
4.Bang on Boy



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Save catia file in any of the neutral formats such as in IGES format or STEP format or in parasolid. after saving in the neutral format you can easily import the files in any of the analysis tools

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Based on my experience with ANSYS APDL and import, the best results (for import) I obtained always using parasolid format instead of other type.
(I must to mention that, for export geometry I use SolidEdge ST3 and not Catia).

Keep in touch.

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open APDL go to file...then import catia v5 and then browse the catia file...

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