How to import ACAD frame into Inventor?

Helping fellow engineer.

"I have imported an A1 frame that was created in AutoCAD into Inventor. The frame contains much atttricuted information along with a coherent layering structure and a Company logo embedded image. I want to use the information on this frame having spent a considerable amount of time making sure it complies to Company policy and is set up with all the correct CAD standards. When I import it into an Inventor drawing it does not sit perfectly on the A1 size layout. Is there a way in Inventor to correctly align the imported frame into a pre set A1 frame in Inventor?"

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Check the dimensions of the borders of the A1 sheet layouts. The paper is probably the same size and the borders are a litte off. Also I know with AutoCAD you can use sheet managers and sheet layouts which give you the correct paper size and all you have to do is add viewports and change the scaling of your drawing in the viewport to get what you need. Does Inventor have the setup like this?

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