Importing DWG into Inventor not working

I'm attempting to create a detailed 3D drawing of superbattleship USS Iowa, beginning by importing Autocad 2D sketch items into Inventor.

In Autocad, I used polylines to create the shapes of hull cross sections. Then, I used Modify > Edit Polyline to Join all lines into one polyline. However, after importing these hull section lines into Inventor, they are not grouped but, instead, are composed of hundreds to separate lines unjoined.

Am I missing a step in importing Autocad DWG drawings into Inventor? Thanks much.

1 Answer

When you open the dwg go to options and choose the Import cmd.
Then you need to check the boxes as in picture. you can change various options till it works for you. This can take a long time depends om your CPU & Ram, joining all those lines take some time and view all when finished.
Hope this helps