How to import dxf to Inventor :)

Hello everyone,

I'd like to know how to import a DXF format file to Autodesk Inventor sheet metal environment sketch. Then, I have to do some minor dimensions changes and face it to default thickness.

When I import dxf ( Open > cad file ) ,inventor open it as drawing. Then, I copy from drawing sketch what I need to duplicate to a new part sketch.

when I face the copied sketch the sketch doctor show up and disable facing process

any idea, i did my best and i couldn't solve this issue.

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The first thing I would change is the copying - you can import the dxf directly into the sketch ("Insert" - "ACAD" and switch the file type to dxf).

In the Import-Options check the "Constrain End Points" option and import the geometry.

A few coincident constraints have to be added manually.

Attached is a file in IV 2014 format

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Hello every body
Please, I would like to ask about the same problem with some differences, I can't import the file DXF (this file was converted from cinema 4d to DXF file) into Inventor fusion 2012.
I have imported the file DXF into Autocad and I save this last one under file.dwg, after that, it doesn't open in Inventor.
Thank you very mutch

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