How to import CAD assemblies in SpaceClaim and simulate using SC-Motion?

Answered as a video tutorial.

In this tutorial we do the following.

1. Import IC Engine (Slider Crank) CAD file (STEP format) inside SpaceClaim, which is a CAD neutral software [Piston]
2. Rearrange SpaceClaim assembly slightly to make it more logical assembly
3. Define Assembly Conditions/Constraints between different Components (parts)
4. Rotate the crank in SpaceClaim using Move command and see the movement of the mechanism. The piston goes up and down
5. Start SC-Motion and define rotation at the crank
6. Perform Motion Simulation and see the animation

Link to video is at

SC-Motion is a motion and dynamic simulation addin for SpaceClaim. SC-Motion 2012 (version) is available for 99 USD. For more details, please visit


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