How to import points from Excel file to a sketch plane in CATIA?

I know about "GSD_PointSplineLoftFromExcel". I am working on Generative Shape Design Workbench.

What I want to do is that I have a set of coordinates in excel file and I want to get those points on a particular sketch plane(inclined) in CATIA V5R20.

The problem with "GSD_PointSplineLoftFromExcel" is that it always creates a "geometrical set" of points on a datum plane. I need those points on my particular sketch plane which is inclined to datum plane. Is there any direct way of doing this?

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2 Answers

I found the solution. Just use 'Point by using coordinate' while in Sketch mode and enter all the points manually. If required a reference can also be taken.

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I found another solution. It can be more suitable for this problem. You can extrude with Pad option the shape imported from Excel. The Enter to sketch and make a projection with "Project 3D Elements".
You will have the shape drawed in the sketch.

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