how to make a multi section solid on this sketches

when i am making a multi section on a rectangle and circle it accepts but while making a multi section on a hexagon and a circle it shows some error .......the question is to make a multi section solid on a hexagon on the top after a circle in the middle and a rectangle at the bottom i am applying guide curves but then also it is showing some errror..............just see the attached catpart file after applying four guide curves error is coming i have attached the pic

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check it here .. its in part design.

Closing point should in same direction and same line point... please check my model specifically closing point.

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yes sir u whre right the closing point of the secctions where not in the same line
just see my model pic

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Here is step of how to make a multi section solid on this sketches follow here:

This task shows how to create a multi-sections solid.
You can generate it by sweeping one or more planar section curves along a computed or user-defined spine. The feature can be made to respect one or more guide curves. The resulting feature is a closed volume.

Open the Multi-sections.CATPart document.

1.Click Multi-sections Solid .
The Multi-sections Solid Definition dialog box appears.

2.Select the three section curves as shown:
They are highlighted in the geometry area.

3.The Multi-sections Solid capability assumes that the section curves to be used do not intersect.

4.Click Preview to get an idea of the feature to be created.
You can note that by default, tangency discontinuity points are coupled:

5.In the Smooth parameters section, you can check the following options:

>Angular Correction:

If you are using both Angular Correction and Deviation parameters, it is not guaranteed that the spine plane be kept within the given tolerance area. The spine may first be approximated within this deviation tolerance, then each moving plane may rotate within the angular correction tolerance.

6.For the purpose of our scenario, you are going to use guide curves. Click the Guide field and select the four joins. The curves to be used must be joined.
They are highlighted in the geometry area.

It is possible to edit the multi-sections solid reference elements by first selecting a curve in the dialog box list then choosing a button to either:
>Remove the selected curve
>Replace the selected curve by another curve.
>Add another curve.

By default, the application computes a spine, but if you wish to impose a curve as the spine to be used, you just need to click the Spine tab then the Spine field and select the spine of your choice in the geometry.

7.Click OK to create the volume.
The feature (identified as Multi-sections is added to the specification tree.

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hi... please go through the attached file.


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Hello SATYAM,If use coupling, could get better surface quality.

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