How to make an assembly fully defined in Solid works ?

I have 2 parts. When i assembled them my assembly is still under defined. I want to make my assembly fully defined. I also attached both the parts.
I made both the parts in SW 2012.

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Hi Rahul,

It's simple just add proper mate bet. the components. And if it still shows under defined just press Ctrl+Q in your key board. Ctrl+Q is a short key for rebuild. But it is more powerfull than normal rebuilding(ie. Ctrl+B). I tried it with your parts and it works. See the attached assembly and try it.

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To Make Fully Defined Assembly You have to make all parts fully dimensioned of fully constrained as in this tutorial. I will give a example of your components. as under..

Answered with a tutorial:

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Biggest thing to avoid is fixed components. When you bring your first part into an assembly, it's normally fixed to the spot you clicked. Go to the part tree on the left. If there is the following to the left of the part name (f), the part is fixed. Right click the part. Choose float from the dropdown. Then mate the parts top, right and front planes to the assemblies matching planes. This will constrain the initial part. As you bring in more parts, the entire goal is to constrain them on the X, Y and Z planes. As long as you do this, your assembly will be fully defined.

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