How to make hammered finish/surface in Rhino?

Hi there, I'm trying to make a silver ring in Rhino and it needs to have hammered finish right on the model (not texture) so we can print it in wax and cast it.

I have no idea, however, where to even begin to make the ring surface hammered. I'd really appreciate any help.

Thank you.

P.S. attaching img for reference.

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here's one more try but it still ain't looking right: Hammered surface ring test wish I could have been of more help to you :/

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This is as far as I've gotten it for the moment - not too difficult but then it's a long way off from your picture ring. The model is in my public projects if you want to have a look.

I started off with a hammered texture picture I got from and drew closed polygons over it.

I made a linear array and filled in the missing bits to make a tessellation piece that could be repeated and deleted the array bits

I copied these scaled them inwards in 2D and rebuilt the copies as degree 3 curves which I then moved down along the Y-axis (see picture)

Then I used a patch surfaces selecting both the polygons and their degree 3 counterparts. In the patch surface dialog box I played with the stiffness to get the desired shape.

I then used a planar surface that I moved slightly into the patch surfaces and did a trimming operation to make a single polysurface which I then tiled to get enough to flow along surface.

I have some ideas as to how get it better but I think that zbrush might be a better call for arriving at the type of finish shown in the picture.

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The best way is to extract the surface you want to look hammered the add more points to that surface then click on each point and pull them up or down as you desire. The more points you have on that surface the better it will look.
This is how you do it , type rebuild in command bar, click on rebuild, click on the surface and enter, a box will open, put higher number in point count (U and V) then click on OK, then turn on the control points on and pull the points up or down , make sure the o snap is off and also you have to work in all four views. good luck

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You could make the same look by using different size spheres and boolean differance on the surface.

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Use GH in Rhino to get surface then flow on the right .

Why not make real Hammered finish if you don't make a lot ?

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Hammered surface test this is what I could do with my software, it's not perfect but I'm sure you could get it right

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Did someone find a good way to do it ?
I found this using a bump map and the Gemvision Matrix Software for jewellery, but is there a similar way to do it in rhino ?
Also i'd like to have the texture with a gradient that smoothly disapear, any idea how to do it ? (like in this image :

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