how to model from referance object.

Hello All,

I would like to know general methods by which a part7 assemby can be modelled with referance to existing part.

Eg. I have a part A for which i want to create a mounting bracket. Can I use this part A as referance part (Like a ghost part) in my assembly so to avoid manually measuring for creating my bracket.

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That works quiet well in SW assembly. Just insert a blank part in the assembly and start constructing around the available model.
The only Thing that will bother you is the new part will have reference dependency with the existing part in the assembly. If you Change anything in the existing part the newly model part will also Change automatically unless you remove the external reference/dependencies.

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There is no "objects" in SW we call it "parts".

Go to SOLIDWORKS Tutorials: Introduction

Go to the "?" menu and see "Solidworks tutorials". Do every exercices it will help you to be faster with SW.

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