How to model gooseneck in Inventor?


I want to model lamp, but I don't know how to do that. There is bent gooseneck, and that is problem for me. It have to be bent.

It is important to maintain the gooseneck profile.

Please, if you know... (:

Thank you...

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3 Answers

Create your GooseNeck path.
Create your GooseNeck Section.
Use Rectangle pattern.
Click more : (>>)
Select Direction 1
Your Desired GooseNeck is here !

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I couldn't agree more with Charoenpon555. A rough try is attached but with a curve as a path instead.

Merry Christmas Guys...

P.S. Damn I came second I was about to post that yesterday... BUT!!! :(

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Draw your circle with the correct DIA you require, then draw a line were you want to cable to be in a 2D sketch or better if you know how to use the 3D sketch :) then just a simple sweep command and you will have your model.

If you go here also then you and work your way through the tutorials you will have a great understanding of what you can do with Inventor.


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