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how to model this shape ?

By Tomáš Dvořák on 09 Mar 18:33 3 answers 0 comments

Hi. Can you help me please ? I am beginner and i need to make a model of this shape, but i don´t have any idea how to make it. For inspiration i have only this picture. Made somebody of you some similar thing like this ? thank you for help :)

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3 answers

  • Viktor Hartung
    Viktor Hartung 7 months ago

    You should make use of the patterns. You need to draw a square block, remove a square on the side for that screws and put a radius there. then copy this with a pattern to all four sides.

    same with the top thing. draw one of the shapes and rotate them around the center axis, same for the holes and also for the inner part. make use of symmetric patterns, that should do it quite good.

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