How to open a solidworks file that shows a warning "Future version"?

What i really want that is how can i get the design tree back and see how the model was designed. I can open the model by using IGES or any other universal format, but i don't get the design tree in that case. So i am looking for a method which will help me see a future version solidworks file in my solidworks 2010 with design tree.

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You would have to either upgrade the version of SolidWorks you are on, or have the person that created the file send you an earlier version (only if it was created in an earlier version)

You can also try using feature recognition to get the feature history back. this works best for parts that aren't very complex.

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Or you send a message that you wish model in step, or parasolid formats

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Backworks is a SolidWorks Add-in that will allow you to save your files back as far as version 2012. It Is also able to open and save future versions of SolidWorks.
This product can be downloaded from the link below and has a free trial offer. Backworks has worked great for me in the past.


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