How to open lwo (lightwave) file in SolidWorks?

Hello. I have got model of car from net in lwo extension.
I must open and edit it in SolidWorks.
I downloaded Lightwave software from official site but it is demo with some save options acces denied.
I also tryied to save it in Rhino but in this software only mesh is shown and there is no way to convert it to some friendly to SW file.

I wish some one be so nice and save this lwo file in Sw friendly format
( igs, , step, xt,3dm,, prt, stl, prt, ipt, cgr)
Or tell me how i can save it without bying some software.

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4 Answers

I eksprtert file to all formats LW support. It was a texture that is not followed by. If you experience problems, please send the JPG files I will eksprotere they once again.

When I open files from LW in other application so I often have to scale them. The STL example. I must scale 1000 times (100.000%).

I hope this is helpful.

Just contact us if you need more help.

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Thanks a lot Ben.
Unfortunately exported object looks very "not smooth" every detail is like mesh covered with planes...
I must model this car by my self in SolidWorks i think.......
i add picture of bumper in SW window - looks very bad.

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Yes this is a low poly model. I have tried to use subPatch, LW way to soften things up and add gemetry, but it was not good either. Sorry.

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Anyway thanks for your precious time!!

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