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How to pattern a fillet?

By Stanislav Bendin on 15 Mar 11:53 2 answers 1257 views 0 comments

There is a wrapped sketch around a cylinder. A fillet needs to be done on each and every dimple. There are around 200 dimples. Is there anyway to pattern a fillet on the rest of them? Dimples achieved by wrapping a sketch over a cylinder with deboss option selected.

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2 answers

    MALLIAS over 2 years ago

    Use filletxpert, when you select the first edge it will show you options to multiple select all the edges or faces of the feature.

  • Stanislav Bendin
    Stanislav Bendin over 2 years ago

    Thank you very much Mallias, it worked quite well. Will save me so much time. Thanks again!

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