how to put explode view in drawing in nx cad

I make an assembly in nx cad when i put explode in assembly but iam not able to these explode view in drawing...

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Hi Satish, Try this one. Please don't confuse. Any doubt in below thing please aske me again.
In Nx we need to create separate explode in model and drafting mode.

In Model, i think you know well about expode view shown in modeling environment. So we disucssed drafting below.

In Drafting, After everything completed in drawing, we need to insert the exploded view in drawing.
So we need to change mode from drafting environment to modeling environment in drawing file(Not in your assembly part model).
Then here we need to create Explosion , Assemblies > Exploded Views > Create Explosion
Then next edit the Explosion. Here you will move parts at certain distance. Assemblies > Exploded Views > Edit Explosion
After move the parts in assembly, we need to save the Exploded view in the name of TFR-TRI, View>Operation>Save as or Save TFR-TRI.
Explosion completed now in drawing file(Modeling mode).
Need to insert the view in drawing. Select Base view>Model view >TFR-TRI> click ok to finish view set.

Check it out. And am waiting for your reply.

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