How to render a flashlight in Keyshot

For a school project I'm working on a render of a bicycle light in keyshot. I came across a nice example and I'm trying to make my render look like it. But I'm having some trouble with the settings of the lights. My LED has now the material 'Area Light Difusse' and it has a power of 4 Watt. I read somewhere that I had to turn on "Focused Caustics' in Settings so I did, but it's nog quite the result I was looking for. Can anyone help me with the correct settings/ materials/ groundmaterials? Thanks!

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Post an image of your actual setup. My best guess is the design of your reflector or lens.
Using a simple flashlight model from this site (Torch light), I got the attached image.
The bulb is a point light set to .125 watts
I used glass for the lens. Polished chrome for the reflector.
Caustics are turned on. The environment is black, but a highlight was added so the model could be seen.

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