How to set software?

My models are all directly exported from Fusion 360 to my project yet, the software is set to IGES/STEP How does it get "tagged" as Fusion 360?

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I think it is an automatic thing.
If you upload the native Fusion 360 files, then it may tag it as being the software used.
Actually, I just looked at a few of your models and it looks like you did upload the native files. My guess is that GrabCAD does not know to associate the F3d files with Fusion, and it is just tagging them Step/Iges as a default.
I think this is something the developers of GrabCAD would need to fix.

Otherwise, maybe make mention of the software used in the description area.

Even though my models are tagged with "SolidWorks", I try to mention the version used so people will know if they can open the file or not before downloading it.

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