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How to trace a picture or image in catia in another easy way using Sketch Tracer

By BDNS Murthy on 05 Aug 16:59 4 answers 17017 views 12 comments

how to draw using them splines

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  • BDNS Murthy
    BDNS Murthy about 3 years ago

    Easy method to create a trace of an object or a picture


    symbol.CATPart, 242 KB
    1. Step 1

      Go to -> Start -> Shape -> Sketch tracer


    2. Step 2

      Click on the Create an Immersive Sketch from Paintings tool bar & select the image or the picture you want to trace and click on open


    3. Step 3

      Change the orientation to Front View and change the material mode to Shading with Material


    4. Step 4

      Create the boundary of the inside rectangle to focus on the image which you are looking to trace and there are two circular points at the left bottom end and the right top end and they are the cropping points. So adjust to your picture to just see the only image which you want to trace


    5. Step 5

      Click ok on Sketch Parameters


    6. Step 6

      You can see the desired image as shown here.


    7. Step 7

      Go -> Insert -> New part


    8. Step 8

      Now click on the Product1 to create the New part under Product


    9. Step 9

      Double click on the Part on the left right corner to enter into the part design mode.


    10. Step 10

      Select the plane which is parallel to the picture and click on sketch to enter into the sketcher mode. Click on the spline to activate.


    11. Step 11

      Draw the splines according to your requirement as per the image or picture as shown below. Exit from the sketcher mode by clicking on exit workbench icon.


    12. Step 12

      Right click on the picture ot hide it if you desire.


    13. Step 13

      The actual curves looks likes this.


    14. Step 14

      If you want to create the surface or solids, its up to you.


    15. Step 15

      And the final part looks like this...

      Thank you


    16. Step 16

      Any queries or doubts, contact me and feel free to express your doubts...

      Click on worked if you like it

  • BDNS Murthy
    BDNS Murthy 28 days ago

    If you are much interested you can use the Drafting module to create the sketch which you are looking for

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