How to unfold a belt based on offset surface

Hello, I need to make a cut out drawing for laser cut for a part that have been done using an offset surface.
Can someone explain me how to achieve it.
One is rectangular, another one is circle.
I tried with Flex but never get it right.

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4 Answers

I don't know how exactly to do it in Solid but in Inventor you have to make a cut (just like i think you did in the top middle of your profile) and proceed a command to unfold it, make sure the thickness of your part matches the rule thickness set.

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This is the type of message I got while using insert Bends.

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Why are you trying to flatten such an easy piece of geometry? It is just a simple rectangle when flattened....You just need to measure the lenght of the inner loop (tools/evaluate/measure) and draw a simple rectangle as flat surface for cut .

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