how to use boolean operations???

Hi every one... while making part body I wanted to use some Boolean operations but when I select my part body it is showing an error like "PartBody cannot be used to perform the Boolean operation. Please select another body". so can any one tell me how to overcome this??? and also what does "another body" means here??

Thanks in advance..

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In catia v5 there can be only one partbody and many other bodies. So you can not insert partbody inside simple body. If you want to make this, you have to change simple body as a partbody. just right click a simple body (empty or will have some features) and select change to partbody. then your old partbody turns into simple body and you can insert it inside any body. that is all.

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Simple body means just a body.

insert-->body. Like Body.1 or Body.2. (this is the lowest level)

If you still do not understand, you need some basic informations about catia.

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