In Solidworks how do you “use model text scale”

In a SolidWorks drawing in a drawing view one of the options available for S
“Scale” is “Use custom scale” and further selection is “use model text scale”
How do you use this option and text in the model to set the scale?

I hace a model with multiple configurations and I want the drawing to fit any configuration based on the scale being set by the configuration selected.

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2 Answers

I have tried scale text and failed many times. I always use fit size text by double click and type the size I want.

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Le Tinh, You are right on the mark. I found out today that this option refers back to the model annotations properties. This option in the drawing will change the scale of the view but is not configurable to multiple configuration scales. too bad. I requested this enhansment 5 years ago. still not there...

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