Inventor 18 drawing not displaying everything, but model DOES

I have a drawing.

I bring in my model, which has everything ON. Looks the way I want it. Then in the drawing, some parts are OFF.

The visibility box is solid for files in question. I check it and the files comes on.

One particular file though after I check it.......makes the whole thing disappear!

The program has the current updates, etc.


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3 Answers

I've had this exact same problem. This will take 2 Steps.

1. Make sure the surfaces are turned on as visible and are not translucent when in the assembly environment.

2. When you go to insert the part in the drawing. There is a tab that says "recovery options" that will appear in the drawing view window that pops up. There is an option to include surface bodies. Select that and it should come in ok.

If that doesn't work, let me know.

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Are these features that are missing surfaces or surface bodies by chance? Can you post an image of your model on here because I can probably tell you why then.

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Fuel tank.

Surface Bodies in question.

Solids come through. Surfaces don't show in drawing. Surface were translucent to start with.

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