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Has anywone tried Inventor 2013? I have read several reviews and saw a few videos but I need someone who has actually tried it to tell us more about the new version. What is better, what is worse what could/should be better but isn't.

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I'm patiently wait on my shipment. I'm not sure if I'm going to install it right away though. My past experience has lead me to wait until the first service pack is available before switching.

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Its a but when the curve of the frame member to a straight piece's curvature is at a certain angle. But I haven't had time to find exactly at what point it happens or exactly why yet. Here are my 2013 videos (not on Vimeo yet).

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I've been using the actual release for about two weeks now. I haven't had any problems to speak of except one bug in the new Frame Generator on Curved members.

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Hey Mark, I came across your videos on Vimeo. Very helpfull especially the one about adaptive springs. It was a lifesaver.
About curved frame members. What I have noticed in Inventor 2011 and 2012 is that in a curved frame member you can't include it in frame analysis or do anything with it's ends like mitter etc. Is that fixed now? And what kind of bug are you talking about?

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