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Is it Possible to link Value in Assembly (solidworks) ?

By Devvrat Sompura on 16 Mar 19:19 2 answers 3 comments

Is it possible to link value in assembly in Solidworks? How?

2 answers

  • vijayakrishna
    vijayakrishna over 3 years ago

    yeah... you can link the dimension values in assembly also.

    just right click on annotations and select show feature dimensions.
    tools --> equations select dimension of part.
    then select another dimension and give necessary property
    i.e dim. of sketch2=dim. of sketch1 /2

    now if u change dimension of sketch 1 , sketch 2 will also be changed
    just rebuild n see it..

  • rajiv
    rajiv about 1 year ago

    thanks for such solution

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