Is it possible to use a default iProperty (e.g. volume) within a parameter?

I design products where it is necessary to know their weight in air and water. Inventor automatically calculates the volume of the part; can i link this to a user defined parameter so I can then calculate weight in water using a formula. I know its possible to create a parameter and export it to become an iProperty, but I need the opposite. Any thoughts?

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Mark, thanks for the response. I did some playing and Its actually quite simple. It can't be dome with a default iProperty, it needs a simple iLogic rule using a simple formula to multiple model volume by a specific density and then link it to a parameter. Weight in water can then be easily calculated


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Glad to help out! Feel free to post your example if you get time.

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I created a parameter called wiw (weight in water) and set the units to kg. Also a parameter called Psw for seawater density. I then created a rule within the iLogic in order to calculate wiw as follows

wiw = (iProperties.Volume/1E6)*(ThisDoc.Document.ComponentDefinition.Material.Density-Psw)

where iProperties.Volume is the calculated value in iProperties and similar for the material density.

When this is saved it creates a parameter wiw which can be used on drawings, To make sure the value is always recalculated I used the Event Triggers menu selection to automatically update the equation whenever the model is changed.

A simple start but useful...

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