Is learning JAVA helpful for Mechanical engineering students?

My younger brother is learning Core JAVA and I guess i can also along with him. I already know programming in VB and C. So I want to know is learning programming in JAVA will be helpful for me or not? Should I learn it or not?

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Yaroslav is correct that most API's are using C based languages. However Java is not necessarily less relevant.

Java can be easy for beginners and sports a pretty enormous standard library and community. You're far more likely to be churning out command-line based tools to perform engineering calculations in Java before you will be in C++. There are a lot nuances in C/C++ that will have you scratching your head at the compiler for the first couple of weeks.

Java is also a very good language to explain abstract programming concepts in. There are many, many books on software design, object-oriented programming, AGILE, this and that, and the other thing, that are instructional in nature, that are illustrated in Java.

It isn't a bad skill to have. I use Java all the time. But truthfully, you're better off getting familiar with MATLAB. Python is often a good choice, as well.

То write plugins for CAD need to know C++ or C# (.net). I don't saw any API with JAVA. So, I don't know where you can use JAVA as Mechanical engineer.

Maybe if your working with digital electronics the codes for some elements are made in JAVA or a very similar one, im not sure which ones, but Ive heard a few times that If I knew java i could easily start programming those devices!

any thing you could learn is a good thing.

this website may be useful for you: