Is there a way to change the CPU load limit in both CATIA V5 and Keyshot when rendering?

I'm on a laptop that runs CATIA flawlessly, and rendering is pretty quick. But because I'm on a laptop, the cpu and gpu don't have as good of a cooling system as a desktop. I'm concerned about cpu temperatures, especially anytime the cpu usage is at 100%. I have a cpu temp. monitor, and occasionally, the temps reach 90C. Usually, it hovers around 70C. I would gladly sacrifice render times for cooler operating temperatures so my computer doesn't die too quickly. Is there a way to reduce cpu load for either CATIA or Keyshot?

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you can convert the files to cgr mode while immporting an assembly. Use only the ones that you need during that time. there are several methods also. Like "load references", "manage representation" etc. That somehow reduce a bit of cpu memory usage for catia. In keyshot, change the settings to performance based rather than quality based.

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