Is there a way to control how many of a certain part are in a assembly with a parameter?

Each product will need (8) number of fasteners, (2) Number of joining plates at connection, and (2) dividers per section depending on how many sections of cable tray is required for the project. These are all just empty parts so that it'll show up on my BOM.
Is there a way for me to add a parameter that I can punch a number into it and it would add or remove parts from the tree to equal the number that is in the parameter?


I've got 2 chunks of connected cable tray, so I'll need 2 joining plates and 8 fasteners, and 4 dividers.

Joining plate part # = P1234
Fastener part # = P5678
Dividers part # = P4321

So my parameter would be,
Joining plate = 2
Fastener = 8
Divider = 4

And when I update these numbers it would update my tree to show that number of parts for each reference.


Aaron Johnson
Design Engineer

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2 Answers

I've never used Catia, but if asked to do this in SolidWorks, I'd try:

Create an sub assembly which contains all the parts you need (plates, fasteners, dividers...etc.).
Add the sub assembly to your main assembly. Maybe hide the parts so you don't see them.
Create a pattern of your sub assembly. The pattern feature will want a parameter entered for number of copies. This is the parameter you can now control.

If you add in 5 trays, just update the number of pattern instances to 5, and all of the fasteners, plates, and dividers will be multiplied, and they will show up in the BOM with a correct quantity.

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Aaron, what you described could be done with a script (program). Are you using CATIA's BOM tools, or a customized BOM program?

I like Fred's suggestion. I'm thinking the Reuse Pattern tool might work, but then you would have to specify the quantities in a part.

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