Is there any way to use Solidworks 2010 64 bit to run Solidworks 2011 32 bit files?

I heard that Solidworks 2010 cant run Solidworks 2011 files. But is there any way to make it happen?

4 Answers

No, SolidWorks is not backwards compatible.Once a file has been saved in SolidWorks 2011, it cannot be opened in SolidWorks 2010 unless it is exported as a neutral file (i.e. Parasolid). Note that when importing a neutral file all feature data history is NOT included.

The only way is to save the 2011 files out as a parasolid prefered (STEP,IGES) and import them into 2010.

Save the 2011 files as parasolid or step and open in 2010

You can try feature recognition to get parametric function back

64-32 is not relevant to the files only to Solidworks installation

I have done this when customer cant read future version