What is the difference between


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You refer to drawing 2D projections views?
Maybe you help this.

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Hi Will, It depends what you where referring to in class, Grădinaru's answer could be right but I haven't heard of drawing projection referred to that way, I've heard of Ali's answer where you have ISO sheet sizes apart form A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0 you also have ISO imperial paper sizes A, B, C, D, E and just to confuse the topic even more you have ISO line thickness for technical drawings where A is the thickest and E is dashed line.

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I think that's just the paper size.
A series
E series

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Hi Danny thank you for your input with this question and some good advise about what is what...
Also just to confuse matters a little more with the line thickness LoL'ss :)))))

I did ask my lecturer today and he said that both ALI and Grădinaru are right as it has to do with USA and European and also projection referred and paper size is in there as well.
My lecturer is going to try and find some documentation he has one it to describe a little better and more detail so when I get it off him I will upload the paper...

Thanx a lot guys for helping with this question is has been a great education :)))))

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